Simple, But Good

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IKEA „The world’s most liked showroom“ from Jeena van der Heul on Vimeo.

The digital showroom demonstrates how the to do social commerce and incentivate you community.


Exemplary Customer Journey

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In the beginning there was the idea of a burger. It ended up with Falafel.

How To Get An Insight

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Awesome parody! See more stuff  here. (via @juse)

German Award for Online Communication

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I’m really proud and happy to announce that me and my team of TLGG won two awards at the German Award for Online Communication 2011 (Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation 2011). We were honored as „Agency of the Year“ and „Online Strategy of the Year“ for our client Gravis. HOORAY! Since all of my colleagues and me were at the re:publica, we’ve sent charming Eden to pick up both prizes. She embodied yellow danger on her best.

Some Notes About Digital Strategy

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Yesterday I stumbled on a good, but critical article about digital strategy, which made me think a lot. The article describes very much that there is no need for more digital planners in creative agencies as they are not integrated well and structures around them didn’t know how to get the most out of them. The described problem illustrates, that many  agencies have overslept the media shift. Now they try to jump on the moving train but do not know how to integrate digital efficiently and successfully in a holistic approach.

As I am a strategist in a digital agency, I want to explain in a few word how do I understand my business.

People first
Thinking starts with people: Think about people’s behavior and motivation first. Try to find insights. Who are your customers? How do they act (in a specific way) and why? How do the use (social) media and which ones?  Then start with determining the channels and technology in the meaning of what is their specific role to reach the goals and how can they be used to talk to your target group in relevant way. So it’s not about cool, new gadgets, ist about people and their behavior. Considering contemporary  marketing,  Christian Gast said something important: „Giving is the new stealing“.

Think integrated
As I have a background in  PR and advertising, I know how classic works and performing in digital doesn’t mean just to think in digital. To be a good strategist you always need to think outside the box. Think integrated and holistic and know how digital works.

Down to earth
Social Media is not the solution for everything, but might be a solution for many things, if you use digital in appropriate ways. I already wrote about that here earlier. Sometimes it’s not about communicate to your target group, but it might be a solution for HR, business intelligence, research oder knowledge management.

Auf der Cognitive Cities Conference – The Future might be soft and fluffy.

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Können Städte intelligent sein? Auf der Suche nach dieser Antwort und was die Zukunft der Urbanität uns noch bringen mag, habe ich mich vergangenes Wochenende begeben. Denn bei der Cognitive Cities Conference wurde unter Stadtplanern, Designern, Strategen, Architekten, Zukunftsforschern und Web Geeks über die Zukunft des Urbanen im Zeitalter fortschreitender Digitalisierung unserer Lebenskultur philosophiert und diskutiert. Eine Konferenz, die so bisher noch nicht in Deutschland stattgefunden hat. Ein Wochenende voller Inspiration, Utopia, Reflektion und Input.

Den kompletten Artikel gibt es auf dem TLGG Blog zu lesen.

Don’t Miss: Cognitive Cities Conference in Berlin

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In pleasant anticipation for the upcoming weekend: The Cognitive Cities Conference will take place here in Berlin, where I will take part. The event focuses on the future development of cities. What I especially like about it is the thought, that this conference seams really open-minded and with a concept thinking outside the box. As there are urban planners, designers, strategists, architects, futurists and web geeks; I really hope to see many different perspectives, get insights and inspiration and have interesting conversations. And a lot of people visiting the conference, I always wanted to met. Saturday is a full-on conference (with ticket required) and Sunday is dedicated to exploring the city through workshops, guided tours and exhibitions (with no entrance fee) throughout Kreuzberg and beyond.. There are still tickets available, if you should decide to join. I will write about my impressions afterwards.